Singer Songwriter,

Quantum Energy (vibrational) Healer

Music & Film Editor/Teacher

Fitness Professional & Author

Winner Hot Press - Singer Songwriter 1995
'I Miss You'

Singer Songwriter

I am a singer wrong-writer, (Vegan) animal/Gaia activist.

My music and style is very eclectic, I write in many styles dependent on how the universal flow takes me.

After many years of study I have also specialised in writing Mind/body/spirit relaxation music & meditations, based on sacred tones and chakra balancing.


Short Biography


Loz-Ann (BA, MSc) is an Eclectic Mix of Audio-Visual Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Lecturer, Film/Music Editor, Fitness Instructor/Presenter, Quantum Energy and Vibrational Healer & Author.


Loz comes from generations of healers and grew up with a love of everything esoteric, music and physical fitness. She started singing and playing in bands in the later part of her school years working with legendary producers Derek Lawrence, Big Jim Sullivan and Malcolm McLaren. Over the years Loz has written countless original songs, one of which won her the title of Hot Press Singer songwriter in 1995.


Running parallel with her musical career, Loz created the First ever Mind/Body Fitness Training Module for Aerobic/Fitness Instructors, gaining the 'Crystal Heart' Award for services to the fitness industry in the area of Mind/Body Fitness.  She also created the first mInd/body relaxation techniques for pre-exam nerves rolled out through top Berkshire schools in the UK.


Loz has been featured and sought after as a TV fitness presenter and expert commentator. She has written for many fitness and health magazines and trained many music & television celebrities. She was also a member of the Sunday Mirror - Fit and Fun Team and Fit Camp Member.


Loz’s passion for writing and recording music, combined with her love for the healing arts, positive psychology, film and video production, lead her naturally into researching and creating healing music and video's.


Over the past few years Loz has created her own style of energy healing called QEH (Quantum Energy Healing). QEH is a method of natural healing that works with the living energy of the body to promote optimal wellness and can help to increase the life-force energy, increasing health, healing, vitality, relaxation and chakra balancing.

The Lozt Files

The Lozt Files' is a compilation of (never before released) amazing original songs from the 70's & 80's. 29 amazing tracks - four, eight and sixteen track tape (live and studio) recordings.

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She Spoke in Whispers Only Some Could Hear

Beautifully crafted poetry and prose. Taking us journeying into midnight shadows, flashings of day and night, where owls speak, faeries dance, myths become reality and we disappear into the mesmerizing lives of those who live within, those who hear and those who understand! Come into a world where the white owl sings and the speaker dreams in candles, as the sunlight shapes the moon.

 New Book  - Pulitzer Prize

Nominated for 2021

I Miss You


What is Quantum Energy Healing (QEH)

Quantum Energy Healing (QEH) is a combination of energy work, spiritual healing, combined with colour chakra balancing/Reiki sound therapy, EFT (tapping), biological intelligence, mindfulness, breathing techniques, spiritual counselling, relaxation and meditation.

(Coming Soon) - Train to become a Quantum Energy Healer

Audio & Video Editing/Teaching/Workshops/Fitness

ProTools, Logic & FCPX Editing/Teaching/Chakranetics

New Book

Coming Soon - The Dark Continent Trilogy

Book 1: Neon Mirrors

The Dark Continent is a Trilogy that follows the main character Ajana into a world of incredibly diverse and amazing multi-dimensional  synchronised encounters. Full of wonderful charismatic passionate characters, physical, emotional and spiritual trials that create life challenging events. It is a tale of shadows, intrigue and exhilarating liaisonsPacked full of excitement, drama, love, laughter, loss, tears and fundamental inner growth and change.

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