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Meditations & Relaxation Music

"All the music, relaxations & meditations are the culmination of many years of studying healing & sacred music, solfeggio frequencies, overtone & sacred chanting, combined with the healing craft of energy balancing, colour therapy and chakra work." Loz


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  

Nikola Tesla

Please do not drive whilst listening to any relaxations or meditation music.


For More information on Chakra's tones etc please go to my blog

Rainbow Relaxation

Guided Meditation 

The Rainbow Relaxation - 30 minutes of pure guided relaxation and chakra balancing.

The Rainbow Relaxation takes the listener on a magical journey of chakra re-balance and re-energisation. Loz-Ann uses ancient techniques passed down through generations of healers, combined with the inspirational power of music and colour to bring you a powerful meditation to combat the everyday stresses of modern living. 

The body is the temple we live in on this precious journey of life and loving your body enough to rebalance your energy system is vital in the process of loving who you are!


for Members of the

Body Confidence Cafe fb Group

Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery, whilst listening to any relaxations or meditation music.
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