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Meditations & Relaxation Music

"All the music, relaxations & meditations are the culmination of many years of studying healing & sacred music, solfeggio frequencies, overtone & sacred chanting, combined with the healing craft of energy balancing, colour therapy and chakra work." Loz


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  

Nikola Tesla

Please do not drive whilst listening to any relaxations or meditation music.


For More information on Chakra's tones etc please go to my blog

Rainbow Relaxation

Guided Meditation 

The Rainbow Relaxation - 30 minutes of pure guided relaxation and chakra balancing.

The Rainbow Relaxation takes the listener on a magical journey of chakra re-balance and re-energisation. Loz-Ann uses ancient techniques passed down through generations of healers, combined with the inspirational power of music and colour to bring you a powerful meditation to combat the everyday stresses of modern living. 

The body is the temple we live in on this precious journey of life and loving your body enough to rebalance your energy system is vital in the process of loving who you are!

Mind Body Spirit Balance - Meditation/Relaxation Music

The Mind Body Spirit Balance, (38 minutes) is a unique blend of harmonised tones, crafted together to create an esoteric experience, full of relaxation & balance.

This music was created to enhance your own meditation, helping you to become at one with the light and love of yourself.

Indulge yourself in this wonderful musical experience and allow yourself to feel the joy of your mind, body and spirit in full balance.

You are the divine in physical form. Remember you are love.

Soul Meditation/Relaxation Music

The 'Soul meditation' music  (25 minutes) is designed to create a blissed experience. 

Allow the beauty of the music to flow through you, freeing your soul to dance in the beauty of you.

With its spiralling majestic movements the soul meditation music can brighten the everyday with light, love and harmony, perfect for any meditation, allowing you to tune into your deepest self.

Feel your soul speak and know you are uniquely beautiful.

Flow with the universe
Meditation/Relaxation Music

Allow 'Flow with the universe'  (14 minutes) with its magical dream flow to carry you into the realms of fantasy and magic, as you glide into your meditation. Use this meditation music to help you go with the flow and become at one with the universe.  You deserve to feel the best you can possibly feel.

Go with your own inner flow.

You are magical.

Binaural Balance
Meditation/Relaxation Music 

The beat of the universe is the magik that breathes life through us, connect with your highest self and know who you are, the binaural balance (21 minutes) is a blend of cosmic beats to create harmony and balance within your whole self. Allowing you to release the stress and strains of everyday living.

Just listen, relax or meditate. 

Your beauty is within.

Healing Dream Meditation/Relaxation Music

Heal in the dreamscape of this meditation music. Allow the 'Healing Dream' (23 minutes) music to carry you in the realms of pure universal flight, relaxing every muscle and fibre in your body, mind and soul, Until you find yourself in the heart of yourself. 

Heal, Dream Relax

Reflections Meditation/Relaxation Music 

Let go of all of your cares with this inspiringly reflective melody, (30 minutes) dream free into the landscape of all that you wish for.

Fill yourself up with wonderment, gratitude and love of everything that you are and have.

Drift in the gloriousness of you and your beautiful life. Dream and learn from all that is and has ever been.

You are beautiful.

You are one.

You are stardust!

Drift into this beautiful guided meditation full of unconditional love. Meet your Guardian Angel and feel the wonder of being held, safe, warm and loved.

Allow the magic of you to unfold into the angelic arms.

Reach out and touch the beauty of pure love.

Guided Meditation to Contact your Guardian Angel

Balance your Chakras with this mindfully crafted musical journey of sacred music. Enjoy and let go, allow yourself the freedom of clearing away the day and bring yourself back to you!

Chakra Balance Meditation/Relaxation Music

Please do not drive whilst listening to any relaxations or meditation music.
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