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Pulitzer Prize Nominated


She Spoke in Whispers that only Some Could Hear

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Beautifully crafted poetry and prose. Taking us journeying into midnight shadows, flashings of day and night, where owls speak, faeries dance, myths become reality and we disappear into the mesmerizing lives of those who live within, those who hear and those who understand! Come into a world where the white owl sings and the speaker dreams in candles, as the sunlight shapes the moon

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Book 1 – Neon Mirrors

Neon Mirror is the first book in the adventures of the main character Ajana into a world of incredibly diverse and amazing multi-dimensional  synchronised encounters. Full of wonderful charismatic passionate characters, physical, emotional and spiritual trials that create life challenging events. It is a tale of shadows, intrigue and exhilarating liaisonsPacked full of excitement, drama, love, laughter, loss, tears and fundamental inner growth and change.

The Trilogy is a metaphysical rabbit hole of quantum physics, secret societies, and powerful magik. All wrapped up in an evolving love story, full of lies, deceit, fun and dangerous passion, as we follow the journey of the evolving soul Ajana. 


The plot twists and turns as Ajana learns who she really is, thus awakening the life that she was always mean to live. She learns how to fight the 'Tribal Mind' as seeps into the unconscious minds of all humanity and keeps them locked in servitude.


We explore the world of 0.1 with its two sun moons, dramatic climate and strange beings, as the gradual realization dawns and secrets are revealed.


Ajana‘s fight to stay awake and aware, it is crucial not just to her own fate, but to that of all beings of 0.1 and Earth.

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