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Quantum Energy Healing

What is Quantum Energy Healing (QEH)?

Quantum Energy Healing (QEH) is a combination of energy work, the flow of energy that sustains all living beings (sometimes call Life force energy (LFE), spiritual healing chi work in Chinese and "prana" in Sanskrit,) combined with colour chakra balancing/Reiki sound therapy, EFT (tapping), biological intelligence, mindfulness, breathing techniques, spiritual counselling, relaxation and meditation.

QEH is a method of natural healing that works with the living energy of the body to promote optimal wellness and can help to increase the life-force energy, increasing health, healing, vitality, relaxation and chakra balancing.

Every session is tailored to the client; this is because every person’s energetic frequency is uniquely different. The flow of energy throughout the body, mind, emotions/spirit is in constant flux, moving and changing from moment to moment, sometimes this energy flow become stuck and this can cause anxiety, stress, lack of energy, disease or just a general out of balance feeling.

QEH can help unblock stuck energy, working its way through every atom, molecule, cell, and tissue to re-energise and re-balance the body/mind/spirit to its natural state of flowing endless energy.

My sessions are between 50 minutes to 1 hour 15mins, they vary from session to session dependent on the needs of the client on the day.

Sessions Available at the

All Therapy Centre, 21 Rock Street, Tralee. Co Kerry. Eire.



Coming Soon Teacher Training 

If you would like to train to be a Quantum Energy Healer, Sign up for more details.

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Chakranetics™ is a beautiful mindful movement practice. It embodies energy medicine, moving meditations and positive body psychology.

It is a revolutionary and evolutionary new mind body & soul fitness paradigm for everyone  who is searching for a new way to fully embody their lives and enhance their well-being, health, joy, inner peace, energy and vitality.


The system combines the energy pathways of the physical body, the mental body and the subtle energetic systems of the chakras and meridians as a body template.


It offers a sacred space in which to unwind, move out of the constant chatter of the mind and “come home” to the wisdom of your body, heart and soul.

Chakranetics™ is joyful, expansive, flowing and the most beautiful way to empower yourself to create lasting positive changes and transformation in your life.


By using a blend of beautiful flowing mindful movements, the very practice of mindfulness is embodied. One of the most revolutionary principles of Chakranetics™ is the added “layering” of energy medicine and meaningful movement.

Chakranetics™ reconnects you to the wisdom, aliveness and wellbeing of your body.


It uses the awareness of the body and energy psychology to move beyond your body into a space and dimension where everything is possible and you are the co-creator of your life, health and happiness.

To find out more :

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