Loz-Ann (BA, Msc) is an Eclectic Mix of Audio-Visual Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Lecturer, Fitness Professional, Quantum Energy Healer & Author

I am a singer songwriter (vegan), audio visual artist Quantum Energy healer. fitness professional and Author. My music and style is very eclectic, I write in many styles dependent on how the universal flow takes me.'



Loz started singing and playing in bands the later part of her school years, Always writing original material initially with experimental bands 'Bio-hazzard'​ & 'Suburban Farmers'​.

Followed by a brief involvement with 'Bow wow wow'​ and a dalliance with 'Eyeless in Gaza'​ & 'Hibou'.

A ten year relationship evolved with a move into the pop/dance/indie music scene with 'The Cry'​ - During which Loz also branched out singing with a duo 'Sleeping Partners'​- pure dance/pop and the Dance Group - 'Kill the boys'​ with whom she was a singer/dancer.

After which, Loz joined forces with Tony Ross to write, perform, record and co-created  songs for the melodic rock band 'XL' When XL disbanded, Loz spent some time singing backing vocals and gigging with the blues rock band 'Train'. Until she joined a young indie band 'None of the Above' once again writing, performing and recording throughout the south West.

All of the bands Played the West London club scene and UK college circuits. Loz also enjoyed working with many top music/record producers (singer-session) including Derek Lawrence, Big Jim Sullivan, Malcolm McLaren, Andy Lee and many more.

After her move to Ireland she won 'Hot Press' Singer songwriter competition - 1995. She formed Grapefruit Moon, with the amazing guitarist Mossy Twoomy whilst studying for her new degree in Interactive Multimedia, although the duo is no longer playing together they are still best of friends. Loz has continued her singing and was performing with her covers band 'The Bridge' until late 2017.


She is currently writing and recording a singer/songwriter album, whilst still creating her amazing relaxation music and meditations. 2018 is going to be a very exciting year, with Loz's new album due for release, live performances, music video's and more!

"I have been blessed, with working with some amazingly creative people. Some Famous and some not so famous. I have sung and written in so many different styles from the Punk/underground band - 'Biohazzard', The electronic/new wave/experimental sound of the 'Suburban Farmers',

The pop electronica, guitar and lead bass of 'The Cry'. To the Disco thump of 'Sleeping Partners' To the Rocking twins guitars of 'XL' and the melodic indie rock of 'None of the Above' and the live soul covers of 'The Bridge'


Mixed with an influence of Tamla Motown, Soul. Blues and 70' 80' 90's pop, Disco funk, Indie Rock, heavy rock and American AOR. Alongside my passion for relaxation, Solfeggio healing music, makes my musical  influence very wide and varied.

I have written/recorded/taught many relaxation/meditations from chakra balancing - mindfulness training (see my music page).


For me Music is just that 'Music' whatever shape, form, genre it manifests - It's all pure creativity."

Winner Hot Press - Singer Songwriter 1995
'I Miss You'

Audio-Visual Artist/TV/Writer/Fitness Professional/Author/Lecturer


Hardbodies incorporated, Synergetics - Mind-Body Fitness companies

Turn of Mind Productions
Specialising in Mind Body Fitness, Connection the mind to the body through the medium of exercise.

TV and Fitness Presenter - UK Living, Get Motivated' DVD, Director/producer/editor -'Pump the Positive' Workout DVD, Technical expert 'The ABC workout' DVD.









Fitness Expert and commentator, Channel 4 - Dispatches - Secret  lives of women, BBC - Weight of the Nation 1 & 2, GMTV, Fighting Fit with Eastenders, RTE - Read/Write Now series.

Personal Training and education instruction to the 'Stars'​ -  including the pop band - Five Star, Derek Evans (Mr Motivator) Rosemary Connerly

















Co-Creator of Synergetics, Creator of the Mental Gym, the Rainbow Relaxation
and the First ever Mind/Body Fitness Training Module for Aerobic/Fitness Instructors.

Creator of Rainbow Relaxation Music - Using music to balance the Chakric system, creating mind/body balance.













Creator of the First Mind/body relaxation techniques for pre-exam nerves rolled out throughout Berkshire schools.

Co Creator - Dr Referral Program for fitness Instructors in the UK

Writer/Author - Get Active Magazine, 

Sunday Mirror - Fit and Fun Team

























Sunday Mirror - Fit Camp Team member













Co-Author Skillswords NALA - FREE Download: www.nala.ie/sites/default/files/publications/Skillwords_1.pdf

Winner: 'Crystal Heart Award' for services to the fitness industry.​







Co-Creator - Loving your body is only a weekend away











Creator: Quantum Energy Healing.' (QEH)

Co-Creator of Chakranetics™ - sacred energy movement system www.chakranetics.com

"As a fitness instructor/teacher, I have been blessed to teach aerobics, step, body-bar, street-dance, etc and created - Synergetic's (mind, body, spirit workout). The Mental Gym and to have personal trained many famous celebrities

Most recently co-creator of 'Chakranetics' TM  (sacred energy fitness). www.chakranetics.com


I was honoured to be part of the delivery team for the very first Dr Referral Program in the UK and taught on RSA Exercise to Music training programmes.


I was very privileged to created and teach the very first 'Relaxation and Meditation' programme at several a top Ascot Schools.


I loved being a member of the Sunday Mirror Fit n Fun team where I was able to write and teach the First ever accredited 'Mind Body Fitness Module' Winning the amazing, 'Crystal Heart Award' for services to the fitness industry.


I have written and been featured in many articles for a variety of fitness magazines and was the resident 'Astrofit' columnist for 'Get Active Magazine' and I am so excited to be writing my first fantasy fiction novel.


As a teacher/lecturer I have been blessed to teach creative media from QQI level 5 through to Honours degree. I have been in the presence of some amazingly talented students and teachers, who share their knowledge and beautiful inspiration to help bring magic in the form of art, literature, film and music to this world.

I have had wonderful times teaching, listening and consciously encouraging students to become the best they can be in a fun, positive, nurturing manner, whilst at the same time infusing (I hope) a great work ethic. I have learnt so much from you all, and for I am eternally grateful.

I believe we never stop learning and everyone can teach you something, if you just take the time to listen and be aware.

To everyone who has ever taught me and who has yet to teach me, I Thank You."

Loz has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and TV shows

Teacher/Lecturer in Creative Media - Music Technology, Sound Engineering, Radio Production & Crafted Radio Programming, Songwriting Skills, Music Production, History of Music, Music Industry Studies, Audio Post Production, Event Production, Music Performance Skills. Broadcast Management. Film Production & Editing. FCP/FCPX, Protools, Logic.

'I love to make short films/animations and pop art video's, some are to express my musical ideas, some are to make a specific point and some just are! ​​

I have been lucky to work on many TV projects for the BBC, Channel 4, UK Living, Sky, RTE, ITV, A variety of independent TV and Cable companies. plus fitness production companies creating fitness DVD's. Running my own Production Company 'Turn of Mind Productions' for many years.'

Quantum Energy Healing/Mind Body Relaxation Music/Meditations/Chakranetics


'I was born into a family from a long line of healers, so exploring my healing side has always natural to me. I have studied many aspects of the healing arts, I studied for my Diploma in The Healing Arts at the College of Healing - Malvern UK and Studied for my Diploma in Humanistic counselling with CSCT. Over the years I have taken many courses one being Overtone chanting with the incredible Jill Purce.


I have passionately studied the connection between the mind/body & spirit and healing music since the 1980's. Learning the unique language of the body and sound healing. I am at the present moment embarking on a Phd study of just that.
I have over the years created my own unique way of using sound, colours and the chakra's in meditation, healing and the writing of music, called 'Quantum Energy Healing.' (QEH)

I believe in loving our beautiful Gaia and I strive everyday to the best I can be, respecting every Earthling in every way I possible can.

I believe that we can live in harmony with nature and protect our mother Earth and all its inhabitants, in Peace, Love and Harmony.'


Loz-Ann McCarthy

Loz-Ann McCarthy

Loz-Ann McCarthy

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the cry early1


Loz-Ann McCarthy

Loz-Ann McCarthy

Loz-Ann McCarthy - moody

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the cry embassy1

Loz-Ann McCarthy

Loz-Ann McCarthy

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loz blue hair

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loz fitness headshot

Loz-Ann McCarthy

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in park

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